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Kristian Nord

surfer, drummer, composer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist

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Malte Hagemeister

father of five, guitarist, composer, producer, mashup artist & director

Music is a superpower. It makes you feel. Remember. Move. Laugh. So use it wisely.

Malte Hagemeister and Kristian Nord, founders of California Music, are two German transplants in Cali: Grammy nominated producers, composers, multi-instrumentalists, surfers and activists - they push creative boundaries in music, film and advertising. A decade ago they pushed their own boundaries and set up in LA.

Together they have sold more than 8 million records, won multiple international awards (incl. more than 60 Gold and Platinum records and 12 Cannes Lions) - and they’ve been composing music for global campaigns from Red Bull and Nike to Mercedes, BMW and NASA to name just a few. True artistry meets advertisement.

California Music produces inspirational music powered short movies with their band The Great Escape, who’s music has been placed in numerous TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House.

Recently Nord & Hagemeister were nominated for a Grammy with their album “Sekou Andrews & The String Theory” - a contemporary orchestra paired up with a Afro-Amercia spoken word artist. 

They are also passionate using their art for a better cause. Malte is a founding member of Viva Con Agua California, a non profit that helped providing clean drinking water to more than 3 million underprivileged people worldwide already. They just organized an event series “Water Week 2019” with international visual artists and musicians and produced their campaign song “One Like The Water” with Kenyan superstar Octopizzo.